Work together for a greener planet

What we do?

Bolster helps organisations and their employees to achieve their sustainability and social impact objectives by providing an internal collaboration tool to work towards a more sustainable business in order to restore the balance between men and nature.

This way employers and employees are enabled to make an impact here & now on their environment themselves.

Step 1

Define your strategy on CSR and sustainability

Set goals so everyone knows what they are working towards, and make reaching them fun instead of a chore.

Step 2

Gather ideas on improvement from everyone

The best ideas come from the people in the offices, the field, behind the counters or from their home offices.
Let's get inspired on how to make a difference!
Start collecting existing initiatives, gather ideas on new ones, and get them done.

Step 3

Collaborate towards a greener planet

We do not provide another chat you have to monitor but a meaningful and bottoms-up discussions platform about how to get an initiative to the next milestone. Provide updates to keep everyone interested in the loop, and tag that one colleague you need to make your initiative a success.

Why are we doing this?

Sir David can tell you better than we ever could:
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Today’s companies know they aren’t just working for the present, they’re investing in the future. As climate change and other environmental and social issues take center stage and impact all areas of our lives, responsible companies are taking action. Even small initiatives can have a big environmental impact and activating your employees to make impact and investing in local projects can directly contribute to a green environment.

At the same time employees are focusing more & more on mission and purpose.. Companies that invest in sustainability initiatives tend to create a sought-after culture and engagement due to company strategy focusing more on purpose and providing value to society.

In addition, companies who embed sustainability and social impact in their core business strategy treat employees as critical stakeholders. Employees are being made part of strategic goals and feel part of a broader effort to make a positive impact on company objectives and therefore a better world.

We are Bolster

Passionate about bridging the gap between people, technology and nature. Landscape enthusiasts, cat lovers 😻 and community builders. A sales manager and a software engineer dedicated to make the world a bit more beautiful.

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